International House La Spezia


At International House La Spezia we offer face to face CELTA and IHCYLT intensive courses.
International House La Spezia is strategically located on the north-western coast of Italy between Pisa and Genoa, right in the heart of the area of the Cinque Terre.

Why choose to train with International House?
The very first teaching qualification for English Language Teaching was introduced by our partner school IH London in 1962. Since then, IH Teacher Training centres have committed not only to deliver high quality and innovative training courses but also to guarantee professional pre-service training and valuable guidance for further professional development.

An introduction to IHCYLT

The IH network has always valued its teachers and their development, and as such has a history of creating quality training programmes to meet their needs.

During the growth in teaching YL throughout the 80s and 90s, which was driven by both demand and policy, schools around the IH network started to become more interested in the specific needs of their YL students, parents and teachers alike.

In 2014 it was agreed that Cambridge English Language Assessment would moderate the course. This acknowledgement by an external body of the value and quality of the IHCYLT course is a testament to the collective knowledge and expertise that have gone into developing it over the years.

The International House Certificate in teaching Younger Learners and Teenagers (IH CYLT) is a teacher training course and certificate which is designed to prepare course participants to teach English as a foreign or an additional language (EFL/EAL) to children between 2 and 16 years old.


Many governments worldwide have introduced compulsory English (or second language) lessons for children in primary schools (aged 6-10). In order for the demand of YL teachers to be met these Ministries of Education have recognised IHCYL as a reputable qualification for Primary English language teachers.

The IH CYLT is therefore designed to meet the needs of external Primary English teachers as well as internal CELTA trained IH teachers.


Objectives of the course


The objective of the course is to introduce course participants to the principles involved in teaching Young Learners (YLs) and to help them consider, evaluate and develop their own teaching skills in this area.

One of the main aims of the course is to present the content of the sessions using processes which could be suitable to be adapted to use with VYLs, YLs and Teenagers.

Another objective of the IH CYLT is to provide opportunities for course participants to implement acquired knowledge from the input sessions. This is achieved by monitoring their progress in the classroom during the Teaching Practice lessons (TP). There are a minimum of four TP lessons which are observed by an approved IH CYLT tutor.


Who’s it for?

The IHCYL is intended for  qualified teachers with some experience of teaching adults who wished to transfer their skills to teaching YLs (aged 2-16).


Minimum Requirements

  • Participants must have a minimum English language level of C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. All of the sessions are presented in English and the written assignments must be written in English
  • Participants must successfully complete the application form and task sheet
  • Participants must be 18 years or older and be educated to university entrance level


How to apply

Before applying please check you comply with the minimum requirements:

  • Your language level must be C1/C2
  • Your education level must be equivalent to that requiered for entry to higher education
  • Minimum age: 20 but we will consider 18-19 year olds at our own discretion


If you comply with the minimum requirements please download the IHCYLT Application Form and Application Task for Course Participants  complete it and return it to

Once we have received your application we will contact you and give you further information. You will only be accepted on a IHCYLT course if your application is successful.